How to Auto scroll in a webpage or go to top of the webpage and how to auto scroll in excel sheet or ms word in PC

You might want to scroll a long web page or move down in the excel sheet or move downwards in ms word or their might be another thought to move right or left in a webpage or an excel sheet you might want an easy way to achieve this so this post is for you, its just a simple easy click i should say :

Webpage, Excel Sheet, Ms Word

1. when you are in the page you want to auto scroll just click your mouse wheel yeah! click it a small icon should show up among any of the below :

When the icon shows up just drag your mouse towards the direction you want to scroll and leave the mouse to auto-scroll to increase the scroll speed just move your mouse further and leave it to auto-scroll.

Go to the top of a Web Page

2. There might be some occasions when you might like to go to the top of a webpage easily, there is a much better solution than the above, so wherever you are on the webpage the address bar should be visible to you with the site url, just add a # (hash) at the last of the url and hit enter and done...!!!

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